Registrations : please use the downloadable form at the bottom of this page
Registrations : please use the downloadable form at the bottom of this page

Three Workshops and two Milongas


We arrange three exceptional workshops led by Alejandra Mantiñan, with the help of a top level professional dancer.


Workshop A -  all levels over two years of experience: The attitude of the dancer, his axis, his center of gravity. The weight transfer, the connection with the ground, the setting in motion and the walking of the couple. The communication between the partners: the Abrazo, the shoulders and the back of the leader; the hips of the follower.


Workshop B – Intermediate / advanced: Energy and relaxation. Inwardness before starting moving. The attitude of the leader regarding the follower and the invitation issued by the leader. The answer of the follower. Implementation with the Ocho, the Boleo and the Gancho.


Workshop C – Advanced: implementation of moving ways to undertake Sacadas, Colgadas and Soltadas. The changes of direction and the 1,001 possible combinations on opening of the follower.


About the notion of "level": do not overestimate your level at registration: despite the extreme clarity of the teaching of Alejandra Mantiñan, who does not hesitate to perform examples and counter-examples with humor, you will not take full advantage of these workshops unless you have the necessary basics for the specified level. Moreover, the number of years of practice must be relativised by the frequency and the "kind" of Tango that you danced until now.

AlEJANDRA MANTINAN in PARIS on SeptembER 14th, 15th & 16th, 2018

Every Argentine Tango addict heard about Alejandra Mantiñan, who enter into the legend as soon as she became successful in Tango Pasión at the end of the 90s, where she and Gustavo Russo formed an unforgettable young couple, animated by a vivacity and fluidity never seen until then.


Alejandra Mantiñan, sacred Queen of the Tango in Buenos Aires, is today a key figure of the young generation of Argentine dancers. It is difficult to tell here, without risking to forget some, the names of her illustrious partners, or rather the list of great tangueros who had the chance to dance with her. 

In addition to the fabulous sequences she has given us in the various companies with which she has performed, Alejandra Mantiñan has made a tangible contribution to the Tango in the evolution of the mode of communication between the partners: the matter is no longer "driving" the follower, but the art of inviting the partner by a subtle and multifaceted language, and for this one, to carry a creative answer to this invitation.


Alejandra Mantiñan is not only a prodigious dancer since she was 8 years old.

She is also one of the most sought-after teachers in the world of Tango (more than 80 events this year worldwide), who has the rare characteristic of having, in addition to his top-rated artistic training, a scientific background in traumatology and kinesiology. This exceptional combination induced a teaching method which is remarkably coherent with the "mechanics" and the "dynamics" of the human body, that teachers with a sole artistic origin, no matter how talented, have so much difficulty in qualifying and explaining. Alejandra Mantiñan has the talent of a generous star and the accuracy of an engineer. Expect to be somewhat shaken in your Tango dancer certainties ...


Life is beautiful: Alejandra Mantiñan comes to Paris on September 14th, 15th and 16th.

Know how to take advantage of this exceptional visit!

Confirmation: Alejandra Mantiñan will be accompanied by the Argentinian Maestro Gustavo Guarnieri

Gustavo Guarnieri, who teaches now Tango de pista in Catania (Sicily), was a resident teacher at the famous

Confiteria La Ideal, an iconic Tango institution of Buenos Aires created in 1912.

Faithful member of Alejandra Mantiñan's teaching team, he leads workshops of Argentine Tango at an international level.

Gustavo Guarnieri besides accompanied numerous orchestras with Tango shows, in particular with Gabriela Perea.

Some links to give you (if needed) the desire to meet Alejandra Mantiñan:

*  Alejandra Mantinan. Homenaje

*  Alejandra Mantinan & Aoniken Quiroga - Firenze Tango Festival 2015

*  Tango Magno 2.018 - Alejandra Mantiñan & Mariano Otero 01

*  Alejandra Mantinan y Aoniken Quiroga at Canary Islands 2015 Tango Festival 2

*  Alejandra Mantiñan & Aoniken Quiroga - 'Oigo Tu Vos'

*  Alejandra Mantinan y Gustavo Russo - Tango Pasión, París 1997

*  Alejandra Mantiñan & Gabriel Missè 2003

*  Alejandra Martiñán y Leandro Palou - "Y no puedo olvidarte"

*  Osvaldo Zotto y Alejandra Mantiñan en Salon Caning

*  Alejandra Mantiñan y Gustavo Russo - 'Canaro en Paris'




Workshops at the Ecole du Spectacle* (The Dance International Academy - 74bis Rue Lauriston - 75116 Paris)

·        Friday, September 14th,  06:30PM to 10:45PM: Workshop "A"

·        Saturday, September 15th, 01:30PM to 06:45PM: Workshop "B"

·        Sunday, September 16th, de 01:30PM to 06:45PM: Workshop "C" 


Workshops will take place in a professional ballet studio of 230 m². Attendees are specifically requested to wear dance shoes appropriate to the woodfloor (neither metal heel/toe taps nor nails).

Each workshop will include two breaks of approximately 15 minutes.


 Milongas including performances from the Maestros

·        Saturday, September 15th, 08:00PM to 12:00PM in the Ballroom of the City Hall of Paris** 16arrondisst  - 71 avenue Henri Martin - 75016

·        Sunday, September 16th, 08:00PM to 12:00PM at the Cercle National des Armées*** (Place saint Augustin - 75008 Paris)


* Access: Metro (2) Victor Hugo  and  (6) Boissière   Bus n°52 or 82 – Car parks: 143 bd Victor Hugo and also 65 av Kléber 75116

** Access : Metro (9) Rue de la Pompe and RER C Avenue Henri Martin  - Bus n°52  - Car park: 78 rue de Passy – 75116


***Access: Metro (9) et (14) St Augustin    Bus n°22 or 28 or 32 or 43 or 80 or 84 or 94 or NoctanBus n°N01 or N02 or N53 or N153  -  Car parks: Bergson 15 rue Laborde 75008 and also 37 bd Malesherbes 75008





The number of attendees is limited, both for workshops and Milongas.

Registrations are booked by their order of arrival, after receipt of the according full payment.

A confirmation of registration will be sent by TEXTO / SMS or e.mail to each registrant.

Registration will preferably made by couple of two partners, or individually.

However, for the workshops, the teaching method requires an identical number of "leaders" and "followers". Consequently, the Association will not be able to retain individual registrations, as long as the maximum number of leaders or followers is reached for the workshop considered. In this case, the candidate will be notified as soon as possible, and can choose between an immediate refund or a waiting list.

People on the waiting list will be notified no later than one week before the event weather their registration is validated or not. If not, they will be refunded within 15 calendar days.

In case of cancellation, thank you to notify us as soon as possible, to allow people on the waiting list to participate.
Registrations cancelled before 01 September 2018 - 00:00 will be refunded. Except in case of force majeure duly attested, there will be no refund for subsequent cancellations, and the sums paid will remain permanently vested in the Association.